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Per Lindgren lindgre at
Tue Dec 24 02:30:33 EST 2002

If you open the sub-menu (button under the clock symbol) and select the
V-pages, you'll find explanations to just this.

F is just the letter they chose to tell you that this is the chassis
number where the change took place. There are other letters and symbols
used as well. 89 is the type, H is the model year code letter in the VIN
and the number is the very chassis serial number that the change took place.

87 Cq

Richard J Lebens wrote:

>In the family album what does this mean?  How do I translate this into
>a VIN number.  Which one of these would you get for a 1991 90 20V
>F 89-H-400 000>>*
>F                   >> 8A-L-203 050
>F 8A-L-203 051>> 8A-M-230 000*
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