Away from home and losing power

Joel A. Frahm frahm at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Mon Dec 23 19:01:40 EST 2002

Woah, you're good.  I got the code "2142" which is the knock sensor.  I
will try to find the knock sensor and sort out the wiring.  I have a DMM
so I can ohm it too.  I may have to fake out the ECU if the knock sensor
is bad so I can get home.  My plan is to drive on the 26th and I doubt I
could get a replacement sensor inthat timeframe (if it's not just loose or
a wiring issue.)

Thanks!  I'll try to find that sensor and see if I can get it fixed in the

Joel Frahm <frahm at>
University of Colorado, JILA

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