In-situ flywheel timing pin replacement

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Mon Dec 23 22:45:10 EST 2002

Haudi and happy holidays to all.

How about drilling a coaxial hole from the front and driving it out with a drift? Or threading the hole and screwing it out. Any polymer-based material (epoxy, JB weld, etc) will likely suffer too much creep under the amazing g loads and temps inside the bell housing.

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> I've got a need for a creative solution here...   Have a car with a timing
> pin that's now only 5mm long.  It should be 12mm.  Problem is that it no
> longer passes in front of the crank position sensor so the CPS no longer
> picks it up.
> I'd like to fix this w/o pulling the tranny.  I have decent access to it
> through the starter hole.

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