Still hunting exhaust......

Dave Hord spokes at
Tue Dec 24 11:17:30 EST 2002


That would be me! will have production units of our "eurofit"
universal muffler available soon (sort of...more on that in a moment).

I got the final prototype yesterday, and had it welded on my 89 90q rally
project by lunch time.  The sound is very similar to our other universal
mufflers, meaning I'm getting a low-deep tone.

I just realized I have to run out for that gift I forgot!  But I'll add more to
the list later on today/tomorrow/26th :-)

Merry Christmas y'all!

89 90q  300km+ Rally Conversion...
Roll cage shots available at:

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> Hi guys, ive been pointed to all the relevant exhaust suppliers before for
> my 90q, but now I need to really start getting it sorted.  A while ago a
> supplier was advertising a 90 degree rear muffler suitable for this
> application, does anyone remember who it was, or know the progress (it was
> a
> prototype I believe).....
> Thanks

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