EM stud thread size? also welder EM stud removal?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Tue Dec 24 12:29:26 EST 2002

> > What is the thread size for the exhaust studs on an
> > MC motor?  I heard they were M8, but
> > I'm looking at Time-serts, and they list them for
> > M8x1.0 and M8x1.25.
> Not sure right of hand, sorry

8mm x 1.25

> > For those running KH intake manifolds, what did you
> > do for the air shrouded injector port?
> > Just block it off, or hook it up to a hose running
> > to(?).
> Hook it up to a pre-TB air source, don't block it off
> unless your doing EFI, which you are right?

Actually, I believe its post-TB you want to hook it up to for CIS, there are several nipples on the back of the IM for that. But yes, with EFI just block.


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