Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

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Tue Dec 24 11:07:07 EST 2002

Someone asked about rod ratios before.  I've been poking around gathering i=
nformation and
found a website that calculates rod ratios using the broke and rod length.

It doesn't use weight and doesn't give inertial loads.  There are some sugg=
estions given as
to optimal rod ratios, and the ones that calculate out from the Eurospec 2.=
6 liter stroker kit
are outside those suggestions.  It comes out to be 1.507829109947644 (I did=
n't round),
and the range suggested is between 1.65 and 2.00.  This is using 5.6692 inc=
hes rod length,
converted from 144mm, and 95.5mm stroke.

But people still say it works.

Also I was reading in the q-list archives, and saw that Scott's (scottycboy=
) stroker motor was
a turbo.  I didn't realize that before.



On 23 Dec 2002 at 18:08, Robert Pastore wrote:
> Javad:
> I've already purchased a Eurospec 2.6l Stroker block, and will install
> it in my s6 in the spring.   It's in NH at NEA now, and I'm 300 miles
> away in NJ.
> I recently came across a great set of formulas for determining inertial
> loads ( and ultimately calculating a redline) in a Guy croft book (re:
> building Fiat/Lancia TC engines).  The data I'm missing to work the
> formulas is the stock piston & rod weight (either individually or
> combined), and same for the Eurospec forged rod/Je piston combination.
> I see a weight of 600 grams listed for the rod alone.   Can you help
> with any of this data?
> Best regards,
> Bob
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> Ok, first off I'll just say this FWIW.  I worked at Eurospec for 2
> years, was one of 3 people who developed most of the I5 parts you see in
> there, and I wrote about 90% of the text you see on the website.  I
> haven't worked there since Summer of '99...
> >I was just doing some math, trying to figure out how much "extra"
> Eurospec is charging for
> >their 2.6 liter stroker kit. =A0I found a 95.5mm Eurovan crank I would be
> able to use, for about
> >$300. =A0If I were to buy Eurospec's H-beam rods and JE pistons, instead
> of getting their
> >complete stroker kit, it would almost cost the same.
> >
> Yes, overall the prices are not bad, they recenlty lowered a lot of the
> prices, they used to be much higher.  Other thing to keep in mind, a lot
> of the parts on that site *may* not even exist, you really have to be
> careful, parts like this have to be _exact_, one slight mearuement off
> and you will have a lot more headache than you ever imagined.

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