Away from home and losing power

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 24 14:14:32 EST 2002

> Thanks for all the replies.  I'm in Racine, south of Milwaukee.  NAPA can
> get the knock sensor, perhaps by Thursday AM, for $72.  It's $47 at
> Eurowebparts but I don't know how soon I could get it shipped here.  It
> may also be the wiring harness, which looks somewhat strained.

I wouldn't order it until you at least know yours is bad, though there
is no harm in examining and testing wires.

I think yours is *good* though.

> The check engine light would blink once every so often before, but it
> never stayed on.  The gas might be an issue, but I filled it up and drove
> to Chicago and partway back before getting the constant 'check engine'
> light

I'll try to be a little less gentle this time... a constant "check
engine" light is a sign.  It says, stop driving, pull over, find out
what's wrong.

> With the cold, moist air here it's hard to imagine I'm getting
> spark knock.

Oh ye of little imagination.

This isn't about imagination, or what "makes sense".  It's about finding
out what is actually wrong with your car.

The trouble is, whatever is wrong is intermittent, making it tougher to
diagnose.  Do you have access to a timing light?  Have you figured out a
way to "cause" the problem or is it pretty much random at this point?
Have you checked the plugs/cap/rotor/wires yet?  (just because they are
easy to get at...).  Refill with good premium *and* some good injector
cleaner like techron?

Huw Powell

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