Considering Purchasing a 90 20v

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The 20v does not really pose any more issues than any other Audi.
The standard stuff is the timing belt, control arm busings, oil consumption,
struts and strut bearings, transmission,...
I am on my 3rd 20 valve car.  I've had a low mileage 90 sedan and now am on
my second Coupe.  The damn things suck you in.  I plan on keeping my latest
Coupe for a long, long time.
Can you do any work yourself?  If not, expect about $500 for a TB change
(needs to be done every 60k - book says 90k but that it too long).  Control
arm bushings will be shot at just over 100k.  That is about a $300-400 fix
but you may as well do strut bearings and struts while your in there - bam -
$1000 bill.
They are not fast cars and you can not make them fast without extensive
work.  If you plan to go fast get a turbo car (custom only, no turbo 90
sedans or Coupes in the US).
Feel free to email me direct with questions.

Dave Kase
'90 CQ

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> I have been lusting after a 90q 20 valve for a while and I now have a
> extra money to buy one. I was wondering if anyone that has experience with
> this model has any opinions negative or positive. Is there anything I
> look for that is going to be expensive to replace?, How are they to work
> etc.
> TIA, Chris
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