Considering Purchasing a 90 20v

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Dec 24 17:13:30 EST 2002

> The 20v does not really pose any more issues than any other Audi.
> The standard stuff is the timing belt, control arm busings, oil consumption,
> struts and strut bearings, transmission,...

It does suffer from the potential issues related to the hydraulic
brake/steering assist system, when compared to 10v type 89's.

> Can you do any work yourself?  If not, expect about $500 for a TB change
> (needs to be done every 60k - book says 90k but that it too long).  Control
> arm bushings will be shot at just over 100k.  That is about a $300-400 fix

and if you do it yourself, it's 8 x about $10 each.

> but you may as well do strut bearings and struts while your in there - bam -
> $1000 bill.

Again, DIY saves a lot of money and lets you budget for expensive
struts, lowering springs, etc...

I think they are very nice cars, but I have very little experience with
how that extra 30 hp contributes to the cars "attitude" versus the 10v.

Huw Powell

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