[Audi20V_Kruemmer] Re: Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

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Tue Dec 24 15:32:18 EST 2002

Well, by that criteria, the stock" engine, at 144/86.4 = 1.6666667, barely
squeaks by the upper, or is it lower limits of socially acceptable.


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~Someone asked about rod ratios before.  I've been poking around
~gathering information and
~found a website that calculates rod ratios using the broke and rod length.
~It doesn't use weight and doesn't give inertial loads.  There are
~some suggestions given as
~to optimal rod ratios, and the ones that calculate out from the
~Eurospec 2.6 liter stroker kit
~are outside those suggestions.  It comes out to be
~1.507829109947644 (I didn't round),
~and the range suggested is between 1.65 and 2.00.  This is using
~5.6692 inches rod length,
~converted from 144mm, and 95.5mm stroke.
~But people still say it works.
~Also I was reading in the q-list archives, and saw that Scott's
~(scottycboy) stroker motor was
~a turbo.  I didn't realize that before.

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