MC oil pressure: thrust bearing wear

william r gerwig pavwdoc at
Tue Dec 24 19:39:14 EST 2002

Merry Christmas everyone.
Thrust bearing wear not likely source of o.p. loss, since it's fed by runoff
of that main bearing. Usually caused by having clutch depressed during
initial startup of fresh rebuild, if prelube wasn't available. Also caused
by 17y.o. son crusing main sreet with clutch depressed for several thousand
miles a month!-)
Remove the cam followers & check the cam bearing clearance with plastigage,
& the bore dia. for the lifters. I don't know the original failure of this
motor so I'm generalising. Also check to see if the brass orifice is still
pressed into the oil galley below the 3rd cam journal.
Good luck,
Bill Gerwig

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