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Tue Dec 24 20:54:51 EST 2002

Ive got a great article by Dave Coleman (tech editor of Sport Compact Magazine), he goes into detail about the actual real world implications of rod ratios, etc, and completely debunks a bunch of myths surrounding the issue, I'll try to scan it when I'm back home after christmas.

He basically shows the diminishing return of trying to optimise the rod ratio (as it pertains to a stock reference point), and that small changes (IOW from 136-144mm) make absoltely no difference on performance.

Granted, there are over square and under square motors, and there are rod ratios and other factors that go into engineering a motor for a specific application, but the bottom line is if the motor can breathe, then it will make power, that's really where the focus should be, not rod ratios and the such. Displacement and forced induction increase flow, and thus make power (assuming the induction and exhause are up to the task), over square and undersquare motors can all make power if they can get the air in and out efficiently.


> Someone asked about rod ratios before.  I've been poking around gathering information and
> found a website that calculates rod ratios using the broke and rod length.
> It doesn't use weight and doesn't give inertial loads.  There are some suggestions given as
> to optimal rod ratios, and the ones that calculate out from the Eurospec 2.6 liter stroker kit
> are outside those suggestions.  It comes out to be 1.507829109947644 (I didn't round),
> and the range suggested is between 1.65 and 2.00.  This is using 5.6692 inches rod length,
> converted from 144mm, and 95.5mm stroke.
> But people still say it works.
> Also I was reading in the q-list archives, and saw that Scott's (scottycboy) stroker motor was
> a turbo.  I didn't realize that before.
> Later,
> Ken
> On 23 Dec 2002 at 18:08, Robert Pastore wrote:
> >
> > Javad:
> >
> > I've already purchased a Eurospec 2.6l Stroker block, and will install
> > it in my s6 in the spring.   It's in NH at NEA now, and I'm 300 miles
> > away in NJ.
> > I recently came across a great set of formulas for determining inertial
> > loads ( and ultimately calculating a redline) in a Guy croft book (re:
> > building Fiat/Lancia TC engines).  The data I'm missing to work the
> > formulas is the stock piston & rod weight (either individually or
> > combined), and same for the Eurospec forged rod/Je piston combination.
> > I see a weight of 600 grams listed for the rod alone.   Can you help
> > with any of this data?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Bob

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