Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

william r gerwig pavwdoc at
Tue Dec 24 20:57:52 EST 2002

But a Eurovan motor is not an Audi motor! Not a ring cast on any part of it!
Also why would the tuners comment & a different part # for diesel except
maybe the 2.5tdi has a different bore x stroke?

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>Bill, with all due respect, Audi has not made a "cast" crank in any I5 for
>the last 30 years, all Audi I5 cranks are forged, esp. the long stroke
>cranks.  Not sure where the magazine got its information, but it was
>Revving a stroker motor to 7k rpm is not a problem, most people make way
>too much of the theoretical implications of rod ratio, etc.  These motors
>can rev without damage, even in the 95.5mm stroke.
>I've driven many stroker motors, even a 95.5 with an 83.5mm bore, I'd
>encourage anyone who has driven a stroker motor with experience that says
>_otherwise_ to speak up.
> > Ok, I've read enough thread about the stroker kit to give my 2c worth. I
> > read in a tuner article some time ago that the gas Eurovan uses a cast
> > crank. $300 is a good price for a Cast New 5cyl crank. The
> > was not to overrev the eurovan with rev limiter changes thru chipping
> > I'm sure that if you ask them, Eurospec will tell you the same. The
> > crank has to be forged, & has to be more expensive.
> > Food For Thought,
> > Bill Gerwig

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