Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

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Tue Dec 24 20:22:39 EST 2002

Okay, so the bottom ends of these undersquare motors can rev up to 7k or so.  Let's
discuss the valvetrain a bit.  That 500hp streetable motor build by Dialynx used solid lifters.
Is that something that is necessary to rev high?  I know on the 20v_Kruemmer list one of the
things that is discussed and done is to go with solid lifters.  Is that necessary to get a redline
that is around where it is stock?  The article says the motor "revs happily past 7500".  Yikes.

Here's that link again:

I didn't notice it was one of two 500hp 20vt articles.

I think the first of those two is the one I'd prefer.


On 24 Dec 2002 at 21:04, JShadzi at wrote:

> Right, and a stock MC is 1.57, never had a problem revving one of
> those to 7k...Sport Quattro was about 1.66, so would be, say, an Audi
> Sport IMSA GTO, ya, real tractor motors, revved to about 9krpm, or
> there abouts, made close to 900hp  =)
> Javad
> > It doesn't use weight and doesn't give inertial loads.  There are some suggestions given as
> > to optimal rod ratios, and the ones that calculate out from the Eurospec 2.6 liter stroker kit
> > are outside those suggestions.  It comes out to be 1.507829109947644 (I didn't round),
> > and the range suggested is between 1.65 and 2.00.  This is
> > using 5.6692 inches rod length,
> > converted from 144mm, and 95.5mm stroke.

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