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Tue Dec 24 23:19:47 EST 2002

Ken, solid lifters are only needed if you intend to rev the motor, for all practical purposes, past 7500rpm as you stated below.  Theoretically there are weight savings to be had by going with light solid buckets over oil filled hydraulic lifters, but then you need to deal with frequent lifter adjustments as the sold lifters wear.  Also, with ultra high lift cams solid lifters are more durable and can stand up to the abuse, plus you may need to upgrade the diameter of the lifter to keep the cam lobe on the lifter, in which case a larger diameter bucket (with associated machining) is a must.

Realistically, lifters won't be much of a power/tuning endeavor, it really depends on what you intend the motor for, for an all our race motor it would be worth on, on a street motor I'd concentrate on other things, but if you want to go all out, its a good thing to upgrade.  Eurospec has complete kits we developed, they use a light bucket with a valve-stem lash-cap for adjustment, all compatible with the hydraulic lifters, not sure what the price is, but its listed on the site.

Again, its one of those things that have diminishing return, for a smooth, quiet, maintenence free street motor hydraulic lifters are fine.

Anyone care to share their experience with upgrading lifters? -I'd be intersted to hear what's been done.


> Okay, so the bottom ends of these undersquare motors can rev up to 7k or so.  Let's
> discuss the valvetrain a bit.  That 500hp streetable motor build by Dialynx used solid lifters.
> Is that something that is necessary to rev high?  I know on the 20v_Kruemmer list one of the
> things that is discussed and done is to go with solid lifters.  Is that necessary to get a redline
> that is around where it is stock?  The article says the
> motor "revs happily past 7500".  Yikes.
> Here's that link again:
> I didn't notice it was one of two 500hp 20vt articles.
> I think the first of those two is the one I'd prefer.
> Ken

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