Eurospec's stroker kit pricing

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Tue Dec 24 23:25:53 EST 2002

> Realistically, lifters won't be much of a power/tuning endeavor, it really
> depends on what you intend the motor for, for an all our race motor it
> would be worth on, on a street motor I'd concentrate on other things, but
> if you want to go all out, its a good thing to upgrade.  Eurospec has
> complete kits we developed, they use a light bucket with a valve-stem
> lash-cap for adjustment, all compatible with the hydraulic lifters, not
> sure what the price is, but its listed on the site.

FWIW, a set of the Eurospec buckets for a 10v cost $410....
Compare this price to the cost of Alfa Romeo lifter buckets, new for $10.15
each. I haven't ever had one of the Eurospec buckets in my hand, but from
looking at the pictures on the site, and knowing the Alfa buckets fit fine
(I've had them in the lifter bores) there's no way in hell I'd spend over
400 bucks for them....
Just my $0.02
'88 QSW Turbo/EFI

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