Happy Holidays and a free book...

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at ugconnection.com
Wed Dec 25 13:01:32 EST 2002

Hey y'all...
Merry Christmas, Baruch Chanukah, Blessed Kwanzaa, um... Happy Ramadan?
the point is, live life, have fun, and be happy with your Audis and
your family/friends

Christmas revealed a bounty of Audi stuff for me, including the Big Red
Bentley manual, which means I have a spare little crappy Haynes... But
it's better than nothing, so if anybody's particularly needy, email me
off list and I'll send it along for the price of shipping. It's the
manual for the Audi 4000 1980-1987 (admittedly, mostly earlier, FWD
cars), but it has some coverage of everything, incl. coupe.
Anyway, the first person who asks for it gets it.

-Ben Kaupp
'87 4kcsq (newly covered and newly thrashed CV Joint)
and a bunch of cars that all got Christmas presents too

Benjamin Kaupp
User Group Connection
bkaupp at ugconnection.com

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