I Left Solid lifters for Hydro

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Yes, that's my experience too, quite frequent adjustments.  Other thing to
consider, standard shim buckets aren't that much better than hydraulic for
high rpm use, you can start throwing shims at about 8k rpm, that's why the
solid buckets with valve top lash caps are better as they resist any high rpm
maladies.  Plus the shims start adding weight, the thicker they are the more
the weight added, etc.


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> Just wanted to throw in my experience with solid lifters...
> My '83 CGT started life with a WE 2.1 and a solid lifter head.  It was fine
> while they were in proper adjustment but I drove my GT hard and it didn't
> take long for the lifters to wear and they would just get louder and Louder
> etc.. Adjustment is kind of a pain plus I couldn't install a Turbo cam If I
> wante done it would have to be special Grind..
> Finally at about 180K I turbo'd the stock motor and ran like that for about
> 45K and the adjustments became more frequent, power was great and it would
> sing to 7K but one lifter would start to get a little off and the harmony
> was
> gone...
> Now I am running a KH/NF hybrid with solid lifters and an NF cam and there
> wasn't any tedious adjustment to do there is never a tick, and the harmony
> stays perfect to 7000RPM.  If I ever build a 5 banger that sings to 8 or 9K
> then I'll go back to solid lifters but barring that never...
> Just my .12
> Matt Kramer
> '83 CGTt

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