exhaust manifold r&r step2 complete

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
Thu Dec 26 14:17:20 EST 2002

Well, since the "wonderful"weather of the east coast prevented me
 from doing much to my 200q this Christmas, so I did what I could in
my living room.

OK, the replacement head got a thorough cleaning of every surface,
port, valve, and the combustion chamber. I chased the exhaust
manifold threads with an m8X1.25 (for Ken Keith's question)tap. Next,
I blue Loc Tite'd the new studs in. I believe that will do the trick
and the backing out issue was due to the previous owner not using it.
I guess the tolerances of the rebuilt head on the car may not be so
tight. Anyhow, the donor head had tolerance enough to be able to back
the studs out by hand. Not good, by me. The blue loc tite has held
tightly, so I think the folks that told me to use it were very right.

Next, I removed the mc1 cam in prep for the mc2 coming off the car. I
thoroughly cleaned the tappets and the valve pockets.

Question- I can't remember if the steel faces the em or not. The
donor exhaust manifold had gasket residue on it, but so did the head
(from another car). I think it may be steel to manifold. Can anyone
correct me?

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