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Thu Dec 26 16:26:41 EST 2002

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 I have a unique problem..My 89 200TQ will not start(no ignition spark) after
it has been running for 15 or so minutes. When the car sits for 30 minutes or
so the car will start and run fine. Your thoughts?? >>

I had a similar problem with my car when I first got it.  On my car the
flywheel sensor,  I dont remember which one, when it got hot, the senor didnt
work, and the car wouldnt start untill the sensor got cooler again.  you can
probably drive the car around and then turn it off and check the sensor while
somone trys to start the car, and the do it again when the car is cold and
see if what values you have.

~Christian Miller
~4000TQ MC-1

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