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Thanks that was was my next step in the rotation of sensors to look at. I'll
let everyone know if thats it.

89 200TQ

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>  I have a unique problem..My 89 200TQ will not start(no ignition spark)
> it has been running for 15 or so minutes. When the car sits for 30 minutes
> so the car will start and run fine. Your thoughts?? >>
> I had a similar problem with my car when I first got it.  On my car the
> flywheel sensor,  I dont remember which one, when it got hot, the senor
> work, and the car wouldnt start untill the sensor got cooler again.  you
> probably drive the car around and then turn it off and check the sensor
> somone trys to start the car, and the do it again when the car is cold and
> see if what values you have.
> ~Christian Miller
> ~4000TQ MC-1

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