Wheel fitment 200

Suffolk GameServer LAN suffolk.associates at verizon.net
Thu Dec 26 19:07:49 EST 2002

Maybe you already have the answer.
These wheels 225/45/17 Et35 at the link attached,
had a slight rub in the rear of an 1990 10V 200 avant.
They are slightly bigger than the recommended.
10V stock alloys are stamped Et45.  SO the offset is different.

I've been told a hairdryer to heat the plastic fender liner and squash it
out of the way works for some people.
I went the most expensive route and bought a 20V with flared fenders.

HTH - Scott in BOSTON

For those with experience with the early 200q's, will 225/50-16's on 16 x 7,
+35 wheels fit without interference?



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