Air shroud injector MC motor

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Thu Dec 26 19:16:47 EST 2002

Just for clarification, he's not talking about the injector plastic
duct/shroud work on top of MC motors that cool the fuel injectors for warm
start issues is he?
-Curious and had to ask.
-Scott in BOSTON

Air shroud injection is a function of CIS, to help improve atomization of t=
he CIS's injector pattern.  EFI injectors inherently have a superior atomiz=
ation and spray pattern, I don't believe "air shroud injection" would funct=
ionally work with an EFI injector.  IOW, there is not such thing as air-shr=
oud injection with EFI.


> So, the air shrouded injector feature is not an advantage
> with EFI?  Is it actually a negative
> thing?

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