Steering Wheel Knock Sound

Bhatti, Mohammed Mohammed.Bhatti at
Fri Dec 27 10:53:08 EST 2002

Thanks all for the suggestions.

Last night I checked things out.  Everything seemed snug and tight.  The
only thing that I noticed was that the wheel bolts were a tad loose.  I
re-tightened the strut housing bolts and checked all the other bolts.
Re-mounted wheels and re-tightened.

Seems fine for now.

Thanks again.

88 80q

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Subject: Steering Wheel Knock Sound

I don't know how similiar the setup is on the '80', but on a 5000 I
would suggest checking the the rack mounting bolts (2 on the left and
one on the right) and the tie rod bolts where they mount on the rack.

Good luck

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