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Tom Nas tnas at
Fri Dec 27 17:06:44 EST 2002

Hi all,

Hope you've all survived your respective Xmas dinners, mine was pretty good.

Anyway, as you can see from the subject line I couldn't stop myself and
added yet another Audi in need to the stable. It's a 1977 80 LS 2-door
automatic, with the YN 1.6 engine. It's an original Dutch-market car (very
rare now as most have long ago succumbed to the tinworm) with only 74,800
original kilometers. It's in very original condition but requires a little
attention to the rear wheelarches and trunk floor. It's Reseda green in
colour (pale green metallic) with a Linden green interior. The interior's
seen better days but I've located an excellent replacement in the correct
colour. The car drives like new, the engine purrs like a kitten and
everything works. It's also pretty quick thanks to its low weight (870 kgs).
It came with a very nice '70s Becker Europa radio but I can't get anything
but noise from it, it needs a new antenna mast.

It'll be cheap to run if nothing breaks (got plenty of spares, though)
because it's road tax exempt and doesn't cost much to insure- $60/annum for
3rd party.

Guess I'll take some digi-pics in the next coupla days if anyone's interested.

And that makes five...

The Netherlands
1987 Audi 80 1.8 282k km
1988 Audi 90 quattro 2.3 214k km
1977 Audi 80 LS 1.6 2-door automatic 74k km
1978 Audi 80 GLS 1.6 2-door automatic 85k km
1978 Audi 80 GLX 1.6 4-door 170k km

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