Home and dry (was: Away from home...)

Joel A. Frahm frahm at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Fri Dec 27 09:17:48 EST 2002

Well I'm back, which is good.
I'm at work, which is bad.
Work is totally dead, which is good.
The opsrv worm has been spreading while I was gone, which is bad.
The car made the trip, which is good
It's still acting up, which is bad.
But it seems like it'll be easy to fix, which is good.

Thanks again for the advice!  I took off at about 7:00am yesterday, and
the car seemed OK for a while, but then I got the check engine light
again after 60 mile sor so.  I kept going though, as it was running
decently.  I did notice a significant loss of fuel economy so after the
first tank I simply disconnected the knock sensor.
Disconnecting the sensor seemed to improve things, the car
had more power and the next two tanks of gas I got more-or-less normal
mileage (hard to say with the headwind.)  With the sensor disconnected I
got the check engine light shortly after startup.

At this point I think the knock sensor is bad.  I will do some more
diagnostic work in the next few days and report my findings.

Thanks again,
Joel Frahm <frahm at jila.colorado.edu>
University of Colorado, JILA

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