which way to face exhaust gaskets?

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
Fri Dec 27 16:25:30 EST 2002

I checked earlier today, the best fit for the gaskets is steel facing
the exhaust manifold. The contours exactly match that of the
manifold. I think I had to turn one upside down. The two gaskets with
the corners went next to each other on 1&2 (or is it 4&5?).

Got my 3/8 drive torque wrench to get the bolts for the em down.

Barring bad weather on the east again, I'll start the tear down on
Sunday and the build up on Monday.

Also, I used my trusty Dremel to cut the heads of a couple of used
head bolts so I can use them to locate the gasket and the head on the

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> > For a 200tq- which way do I face the exhaust
> > gaskets? I think it
> > might be steel to manifold, but I'm getting
> > conflicting replies.

> IME it will be mixed, you have to be more concerned
> about getting them lined up right.  Because of the
> funky patterns and layouts, there are a few spots
> where they only fit one way.

he's right you know.  You can see in the 6th picture here:


(http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/images/rebuild15.jpg for the
bandwidth squeamish)

on an NF head, where they had to be used both ways.

Huw Powell



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