Fixing electrical gremlins this weekend....found unique speedometer governor

Huw Powell human747 at
Fri Dec 27 22:30:18 EST 2002

> I've read that some have upgraded the instrument cluster's lighting with
> higher wattage bulbs.
> Most of the gauges use 1W bulbs, except the gas gauge being 2W(Green
> base). And the idiot lights are 1.2W. I want to brighten the orange/red
> backlighting by subbing with 2W bulbs. Does anyone who have already done
> this mod know if these bulbs are available at a FLAPS or Radio Shack? Any
> BTDTs? Thanks in advance!

Well, if they are like the 90's bulbs, they are kind of Audi-unique
because of the base.  That said, the daler can only get 2w bulbs now, as
I recall.  Mine stocks them, about $2 each, pricey, but nice to get
working ones in there.

> The low beams also don't work when it's real cold outside.
> But starts working after the car warms up. I'll need to determine if it's
> the stalk switch, or my suspicion, that front lamp monitoring module.

Try spraying some electrical cleaner into the stalk switch and operating
it back and forth.  The "module" can be checked easily by pulling it and
bypassing it with two jumpers, although I doubt it is that.  The
combi-switches are famous problem items.

> The alternator also doesn't maintain a reasonable voltage with accessories
> switched on. I'm going to try the voltage regulator diode mod from the
> Pantera webpage.

How about "fixing" it first?  Clean the contacts, + and -, everywhere in
the charging/starting system, check out that famous splice under the
carpet, pull the v-reg and check the brushes...

> If there's enough weekend left, I'll rewire the driver's door pass through
> wiring. Many broken wires in that rubber accordian.

Ouch.  Sounds like, um, fun!

Huw Powell

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