I Left Solid lifters for Hydro

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 21:58:35 EST 2002

Me too.  Nearly 20 yrs. ago now.  I dumped the Crane
solid lifter cam in my SBC for a "new" and
revolutionary for the time Lunati hydro stick.  Really
wild split lift/duration.  Something like .514"/.509".
 NO more adjustments, although I was becoming quite
good.  Cutout valve covers, cut feelers.  I revved
that motor as high as 7800 rpm.  Just too much of a
pain for a married man with kids, mortgage, real job,
etc.  If you've got lot's of free time and like REALLY
high revs, go for it.  Otherwise, join the hydro

Jim Accordino

--- Stpndsmnn at aol.com wrote:
> Just wanted to throw in my experience with solid
> lifters...
> My '83 CGT started life with a WE 2.1 and a solid
> lifter head.  It was fine
> while they were in proper adjustment but I drove my
> GT hard and it didn't
> take long for the lifters to wear and they would
> just get louder and Louder
> etc.. Adjustment is kind of a pain plus I couldn't
> install a Turbo cam If I
> wante done it would have to be special Grind..
> Finally at about 180K I turbo'd the stock motor and
> ran like that for about
> 45K and the adjustments became more frequent, power
> was great and it would
> sing to 7K but one lifter would start to get a
> little off and the harmony was
> gone...
> Now I am running a KH/NF hybrid with solid lifters
> and an NF cam and there
> wasn't any tedious adjustment to do there is never a
> tick, and the harmony
> stays perfect to 7000RPM.  If I ever build a 5
> banger that sings to 8 or 9K
> then I'll go back to solid lifters but barring that
> never...
> Just my .12
> Matt Kramer
> '83 CGTt

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