exhaust manifold r&r step2 complete

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 27 22:15:48 EST 2002

I KNOW I put them on that way.  Steel to cast,
composite to alu.  I don't remember if the set
instructions (Fel-Pro head set, but almost every
component made in Germany) said to, but I "think" they

Jim Accordino

--- scott thomas <scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com> wrote:
> Well, since the "wonderful"weather of the east coast
> prevented me
>  from doing much to my 200q this Christmas, so I did
> what I could in
> my living room.
> OK, the replacement head got a thorough cleaning of
> every surface,
> port, valve, and the combustion chamber. I chased
> the exhaust
> manifold threads with an m8X1.25 (for Ken Keith's
> question)tap. Next,
> I blue Loc Tite'd the new studs in. I believe that
> will do the trick
> and the backing out issue was due to the previous
> owner not using it.
> I guess the tolerances of the rebuilt head on the
> car may not be so
> tight. Anyhow, the donor head had tolerance enough
> to be able to back
> the studs out by hand. Not good, by me. The blue loc
> tite has held
> tightly, so I think the folks that told me to use it
> were very right.
> Next, I removed the mc1 cam in prep for the mc2
> coming off the car. I
> thoroughly cleaned the tappets and the valve
> pockets.
> Question- I can't remember if the steel faces the em
> or not. The
> donor exhaust manifold had gasket residue on it, but
> so did the head
> (from another car). I think it may be steel to
> manifold. Can anyone
> correct me?
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