MAC11 eprom codes

Steve Beeler flyboysteve at
Sat Dec 28 01:38:23 EST 2002

Would anyone who has a copy of the 1.95bar eprom code for the MAC11 in an 87 5kcsq turbo,  be willing to post it (or e-mail me a copy).  I am an electronic tech and can burn and install the chip myself,  so all I need is the algorithm.  I would be extremely gratefull,  I know people are selling the "kits" and ECU's with the reprogrammed IC already installed all over the place,  but,  money is kind of tight at the moment expecially after buying another Quattro on a spur of the was too good to pass up.  Thanks,  and again,  I do appreciate it and if there's any electronic stuff you need done....let me know.  My email is "flyboysteve at"
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