4kq acceleration problems still!!

CTDiesel at aol.com CTDiesel at aol.com
Sat Dec 28 10:55:54 EST 2002

Ok i've replaced the water temp sensor, o2 sensor, thermo-time swich, cold
start valve, and still i get the same hard time starting my car and had real
hesitation when i'd first go each morning (first start).  All electricals are
working to specs, thermo-time switch, o2 sensor, cold start valve.   Then i
decided to turn the air/fuel mixture (3mm T) screw to richen the mixture.
Voila!!  problems went away.  Car pops right off when its cold and no
hesitation when you first go.  HOWEVER, the problem has changed now.  When
the engine is warm and you go to accelerate from a stop, there is a huge
hestitation.  Almost reverse of the first problem.  Then i unplugged the o2
sensor and every thing ran perfect but very very rich.   So my only other
thing is maybe the diff. pressure regulator isnt getting a good reading when
the engine is cold or hot.   Is there a way to check that other than Huw's
site which he had a special tool rigged up.  Any other ideas?


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