Uh Oh Oilghettio!

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at ugconnection.com
Sat Dec 28 08:08:26 EST 2002

Hey Listadores!

So I was driving home from work the night before last when I
accelerated (not too briskly, but not too gently) from a stoplight...
Suddenly Mr. Oil Light came on and buzzed its way into Eric Clapton.
This, I concluded, was a Bad Thing, so I pulled over, popped the hood,
and burned myself with hot oil (cleaning Mr. Dipstick with my hand due
to lack of anything else...). It seemed slightly low, so I put in a bit
to get myself home, then started my way up Alba Road... Anyway, off to
the symptoms:

On uphills and anything more than VERY VERY (barely enough to go) light
acceleration, oil light comes on. I left it overnight in a perfectly
flat garage with the hood up, drying out as much as possible, checked
again in the morning and there was plenty  dinosaur juice left. I tried
driving it again, and it was fine until I accelerated normally, then
the light came on... Once again, on my way back uphill it came on more
often than downhill...

I know this is probably a pretty obvious thing, and I'll be reading the
Bentley (yay!) on my way down to San Diego this weekend, but I was
wondering if any of ally'all have a BTDT to make things go faster? I
really would love to have Audrey back, since I only have one more week
of visitation before I'm back on campus...

Ben Kaupp
'87 4kcsq (she ain't too happy at the moment)
and a bunch of crap including a Jaguar that's not fun in the back seat
on long drives

Benjamin Kaupp
User Group Connection
bkaupp at ugconnection.com

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