4.11 transmissions

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Sat Dec 28 12:30:03 EST 2002

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Its not _that_ much higher though in the later 4kq tranny, all the 4kq 4:11
016 trannies have relatively short ratios, I suppose if you were autocrossing
the early 4kq would be attractive, but if you'd like to go more than 125mph,
you're going to be gear limited in all of them.  Frankly, in a street car I
can't imagine wanting shorter gearing, if you're rallying and don't thing
you'll ever go above 110, then the early tranny may be the way to go.


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> Correct,
> If you want shorter gearing look for the tranny out of the "84 4kq. The
> later US code tyrannies had higher ratios in fifth gear. All had the 4:11
> final drive.

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