Knock sensor diagnosis

Joel A. Frahm frahm at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Sat Dec 28 19:27:59 EST 2002

Hi all,
I had an idea to narrow down this knock sensor problem of mine.  I pulled
the knock sensor and reinstalled it with a washer made of
corregated cardboard under it.  My impression from some of your comments
was that the sensor could become overly sensitive when bad.  I thought
insulating the sensor a bit might be interesting.  Well, it seems to have
helped, power is restored and no check engine light.  No knocking either.
I drove the car hard, full throttle to 6k RPMs several times.  It seems to
be more powerful than with the sensor disconnected and of course with the
bad sensor hooked up I couldn't rev over 4500 RPMs.

I will replace the sensor soon, I like to order parts in batches so I'll
start a list.

Joel Frahm <frahm at>
University of Colorado, JILA

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