1990 200tq no start at Gas station

william r gerwig pavwdoc at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 28 23:21:05 EST 2002

Sounds like it broke the cheezy plastic ring gear inside the starter.
Couldn't you push start it?
Good Luck
B Gerwig

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>Subject: 1990 200tq no start at Gas station
>Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 18:17:59 -0500
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>Hi all,
>     I went to Ct. today to pick up the 1990 200tq I just bought from a
>private sale. After driving for about 1hr I stopped for gas. When I went to
>start the car, I tuned the key by mistake before disengaging the clutch.
>The car moved forward a bit because it was still in gear. Tried again in
>neutral with clutch pedal to the floor and nothing happened. The lights
>come on, but go dim when I turn the Key. Tried jumper cables, but it would
>not turn over. I had to leave it at a Mobil station off Rt. 290 in Ma.
>Attendant said the owner is an excellent mechanic, but he won't be in till
>     Any Ideas as to what might be wrong?
>      Thanks,        Jim

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