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Chander Balakrishnan balakrishnan3 at
Sat Dec 28 23:32:34 EST 2002

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My sister lives in Putney VT, drives a 2001 Subie Outback wagon. Last week
her car hit black ice on a curve between her home and Saxton's River and
skidded off the road and rolled over on its side.  Luckily, she escaped
unhurt, and her mechanic thinks the car is fixable.  I suggested to her that
she consider getting winter tires that give the most traction on ice.  My
two Audis are shod with Nokian NRW's, but I am not sure if the NRW's will be
the best choice for ice. She drives about 100 miles roundtrip every day.
Any advice from listers who have had experience with fitting tires for icy
conditions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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