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George Butler gwbutler at
Sun Dec 29 10:18:59 EST 2002

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Hello all,

I have a very simple question.  On my 84 4ksq, according to my Bentley, the=
 voltage out of the large lug on my alternator should be a dead short to th=
e + battery cable, right?  If there isn't a voltage higher than 12.5-ish at=
 the + terminal, with the car running, then I must an have open/corroded co=
ntact somewhere...right? My concern is that this new (re-built) alternator =
is cranking out 18V on the large (B+) lug and 15.2V on D+ and I don't want =
to fry anything by testing a new connection from B+ (alt) directly to the +=
 battery post...even though I suspect that's exactly what is supposed to be=
 happening now.  Any BTDT's before I start cooking?  ZZZZZZzzzzaaapppp. TIA


George B

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