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I am running Hakka 1s with studs and they are surprisingly not that loud.
The eco-stud is actually designed to run quietly.

I have Nokian NRTs (truck version of NRWs) on my wife's ML430  and they are
great on snow and ice.  They are the ONLY all season tire made with the
mountain/snowflake designation.  These all-season tires are not a joke.

As mentioned, go to and read a wealth of info on snow

Dave K.
'90 CQ

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> At 11:32 PM -0600 12/28/02, Chander Balakrishnan wrote:
> >  I suggested to her that
> >she consider getting winter tires that give the most traction on ice.  My
> >two Audis are shod with Nokian NRW's, but I am not sure if the NRW's will
> >the best choice for ice.
> The Hakka 1 w/Ecostuds will give max sheer ice grip, but will be loud.
> The Hakka Q's spiral sipe supposedly makes it good on sheer ice as
> well, but it won't match the studded Hakka 1 which is the "ultimate."
> Either tire would be a -vast- improvement over a standard "all
> season" tire- the difference between my "all season" dunlops and the
> Hakka Q's was -astounding-.  The term "all season" is such a joke...
> covers the 1, Q, NRW, etc.  They used to
> have a sort of diagram similar to a Venn diagram that showed
> suitability for differing conditions, dunno if it's still on there.
> Also- encourage her to sign up for a winter driving school.  The
> northeast region of the qclub(which I do a lot of volunteer work for)
> holds two such schools, but I think the postmark date for school #1
> might have already passed, and every year, the school fills up within
> the first day's worth of mail.  Details are at
> School #2's registration is still a couple of weeks away I think.
> Brett
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