Should we be using lighter weight oil?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Dec 29 13:54:59 EST 2002

At 9:39 AM -0500 12/29/02, Christopher Gharibo wrote:
>I have a '91 20V Coupe in the northeast with 20 degree winters and 90 degree
>summers. I noticed Audi and just about every manufacturer is moving towards
>0W30, 5W30 type lighter weight oils. Should we be doing the same?

No- that's because the engines are being designed to use the lighter
weight oils.  0W30 would be very, very thin for our engines.

In the dead of the winter, feel free to run 5W30 especially if temps
dip well below freezing on a regular basis, but I run 10w30 in my
200q20v year-round because MA/NY temps are pretty mild.

Run a good synthetic oil and a filter with checkback+bypass
valves(Mahle and Mann filters have 'em, so do a few of the generics
at the parts stores- avoid Frams, most don't have -either- and are
very cheaply made) and you'll be fine.  You will see slightly
improved mileage with a lighter weight oil, esp colder temps.

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