What Else did I break?

R Mangas porter_dog at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 29 14:25:34 EST 2002

   Weird, that no warning failure.  No heating at all?

You may have killed the hub and/or the upright, and the CV joint as well,
depending on how hot all that stuff got.   Your call on driving it the rest
of the way, but...

I one time killed a perfectly good car by electing to drive 8 miles on a bad
bearing to the auto parts place instead of waiting for a ride.  The inner
race welded itself to the spindle (paired tapered rollers, on the rear of a
fwd mazda) and not only could I not get it off, I couldn't get the spindle
out of the car.  I sold it to the scrapyard and put the badly spalled outer
race on my keychain as a reminder to think before acting...


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>Subject: What Else did I break?
>Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 14:06:46 -0500
>So, I'm on my back from the parents place in Florida.  The trip has been
>well, car is running well, traffic has been light, and I'm on track to make
>1300 mile trip in under 18 hours.  Averaging 23+mpg, 75mph, and only have
>had to
>make 2 gas stops.  On the last leg.
>It's 1:00am, I'm just north of the Cross Brox Expressway, buzzing along.
>All of
>a sudden, the car sort of pulls to the left. I correct and note the car is
>pulling, I think "flat".  Damn.  Pull over to the side, get out, and take a
>look.  All the tires look good.  I get the flashlight and start looking for
>something "obviously" wrong.  I see nothing.  I get back in and start off
>again.  A nice grinding sound.  I limp to the next exit and pull over into
>diner parking lot. Much better than on the side of a dark I95!  Out comes
>jack and I check both front wheels.  The drivers front is really, really
>"notchy", doesn't rotate freely. The passenger side rotates nice and
>just like I would expect.  I check the brakes, nothing hanging.  Both CV's
>"look" ok, but what can you see at 1:30am, in the cold and dark, in a wet
>parking lot?  I did notice that the passenger side outside CV boot is torn.
>Annoying, that was replaced less than a year ago. But that is not the
>Anyway.  I conclude that a CV is "letting go".   I weigh my options. 180
>from home, 1:30am, gotta be at work on Monday.  Shrug.  Get in, and see how
>I can make it.  If I get within 100 miles, I get free towing with AAA.  I
>the speeds down, and plug along.  I pull over every 10 minutes or so for
>first half hour to check check.  Everything looks ok.  I wonder if it is
>wheel bearing, but I have never heard of one letting go just like that.  I
>the hub and rotor and they are nice and cool.  I would expect them to get
>if the bearing was letting go.
>Long story short, I made it home.  180 miles.  Never exceeding 50mpg.  This
>morning I look more closely.  It is definitely the wheel bearing.  I can
>grab the wheel and move it back and forth, lots of metal shavings, hub is
>So, I'll get the car to the shop tomorrow am, and see what else I messed up
>driving on it for so long.  Now, the question is, do I drive it the 10
>miles, or
>ge it towed?  I mean, what is another 10 miles, right? :)
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