What Else did I break?

Shaun Folkerts fiatlancia at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 29 14:47:45 EST 2002

R Mangas wrote:

>  I sold it to the scrapyard and put the badly spalled outer
> race on my keychain as a reminder to think before acting...

Ha! LOL!
I keep the inner race to a particularly nightmarish pilot bearing (from my now-former '78
Landcruiser) as the center link of my keyring to serve the same reminder - do it once, do
it early, do it right. Of course, that keyring has seen me ignore my own advice/reminder
on maaaaaany occasions since then. I wonder if anyone else has similarly storied elements
on their respective keyrings. Here, all this time (12 years!) I thought I was the only
one, Robert!
Shaun Folkerts
'86 4kscq
'89 2cqa

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