'87 4kq: temporary no-juice condition

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 29 16:21:00 EST 2002

Andrew Buc wrote:
> My mail client hiccupped and wiped out my last few days of email, including the
> responses I got in this thread. Anyone who can re-send their responses to me
> off-list, please do so. Thank you!

In this wet, cold, snowy season, slipping alt belts are the most likely
culprits, with worn regulator brushes coming in a distant second.

Driving through 8" of fresh snow will pack a lot of it around the
pulleys.  I have been getting the "idiot light stay on" syndrome for a
few seconds after starting my 90Q once in a while since last Wednesday's
storm.  Did I mention I really, really like my "new" Hakka One's?

It's a yucky time to do it, but if your belt is old, replace it with a
new metric one (Continental are very good).  If the belt is not old,
check tension, they stretch a bit.

Huw Powell



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