Tires for icy conditions - NAC

Huw Powell human747 at
Sun Dec 29 16:30:24 EST 2002

> The Hakka Q's spiral sipe supposedly makes it good on sheer ice as
> well, but it won't match the studded Hakka 1 which is the "ultimate."
> Either tire would be a -vast- improvement over a standard "all
> season" tire- the difference between my "all season" dunlops and the
> Hakka Q's was -astounding-.  The term "all season" is such a joke...

Let me pipe up again with my Hakka 1 testimonial.

I am simply amazed at what they do.  I mean, you can get around on
almost anything with a quattro in the snow, but I put these slightly
used hakkas on just before that big storm hit.  Driving on packed snow
is like being on pavement, unless you floor it.  Braking is really good,
to my surprise, about 1/2 as good as a dry road.  And on top of that,
there is great lateral traction too.

I expected them to help a bit, but I was truly stunned what they can do.

Huw Powell

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