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That is oneof the major differences between all-season and true snow tires,
lateral traction...

All season tires have none in the snow (save NRW & WRT).

Dave K.
'90 CQ

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> > The Hakka Q's spiral sipe supposedly makes it good on sheer ice as
> > well, but it won't match the studded Hakka 1 which is the "ultimate."
> >
> > Either tire would be a -vast- improvement over a standard "all
> > season" tire- the difference between my "all season" dunlops and the
> > Hakka Q's was -astounding-.  The term "all season" is such a joke...
> Let me pipe up again with my Hakka 1 testimonial.
> I am simply amazed at what they do.  I mean, you can get around on
> almost anything with a quattro in the snow, but I put these slightly
> used hakkas on just before that big storm hit.  Driving on packed snow
> is like being on pavement, unless you floor it.  Braking is really good,
> to my surprise, about 1/2 as good as a dry road.  And on top of that,
> there is great lateral traction too.
> I expected them to help a bit, but I was truly stunned what they can do.
> --
> Huw Powell

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