HP Brake Hose Leak

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 29 18:52:46 EST 2002

I didn't know there was an o-ring in that joint.  I
"thought" it was a flare fitting.  I replaced mine
last year (about 6 months ago) for the same reason you
gave.  Oil spewing from the foam collar.  I didn't
tighten mine that much.  No torque wrench, but
probably 30-45 ft. lbs.  Fairly easily with two open
end wrenches.

Jim Accordino

--- Steve Sherman <spsherm at attglobal.net> wrote:
> A few weeks ago I replaced the flex high pressure
> hydraulic line that
> runs between the steel pipe and the bomb on my 86
> 5KTQW.  Used all new
> washers, etc.  This cleared up the old leak (oil
> sprayed all over the
> place around the foam cover on the line), however
> after a few weeks I've
> noticed a slow leak at the junction of the new flex
> hose and and the
> steel pipe that goes to the pump.
> My question is, how tight should I have tighened
> that junction?  It had
> a new oring in it from the factory, and was sealing
> when first
> installed.  Leak seems to be at the junction itself,
> although the nuts
> still seem tight?  Any BTDT here?
> Also, the long thin tube that goes into the outer
> hoses; which way is
> that supposed to go?  The original was equally long
> on both ends, the
> new one came with one end about 1" long and the
> other about 7" long.
>  Which side of the hose (to pump or to bomb) is the
> long side supposed
> to go towards?

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