My First Questions...[kinda long]

james accordino ssgacc at
Sun Dec 29 19:09:55 EST 2002

If that's the original rack, it's probably done.  Even
if it's not, that's not a deal breaker.  My first type
44 was an autobox.  They are not really reliable, but
not as bad as the Dorf units currently exploding on a
daily basis.  Anyone own a Taurus?  They can also be
rebuild without any special tools if you're really
handy.  BTDT.  169k miles is not particularly high for
a type 44, especially if it's been maintained fairly
well.  I guess you know this by the mileage of your
previous ride.  The lifter tick could be from sitting
or the oil filter.  Is it orange, green, blue or ANY
color but black?  If so this is probably your problem
there as they don't have the proper anti-drainback
valving.  No oil at the lifters on startup.  Change
the oil and filter to the proper one.  Check the
autotrans dipstick.  It might not tell you much, but
it SHOULD be a bright cherry red.  Not smell burnt.
If it's brown, you MIGHT have some problems.  First
signs to me were delayed engagement.  Then missing 1st
to 2nd shift.

Jim Accordino

--- Dave Arkle <dave at> wrote:
> Hi all;
> Ok, I'm on the hunt for my second Audi. I previously
> owned an 86 5KTQ and
> loved it. I never did get around to any mods,
> although I wanted to. I gave
> the car to a friend in need at 280k and it's still
> goin' at over 300k.
> Today I found a mostly clean 89 100 , auto and no T
> or Q. It's got 169k
> miles on it, and it started and drove fine. The
> steering rack leaks (like I
> even need to mention that), but I was unable to
> detect any other flaws
> mechanically. I have no experience w/ the auto trans
> so that's my first
> question. What kind of life expectancy can I expect
> from this trans? I would
> guess that maybe they don't last as well as the 5
> spd, but what do I know?
> Is there anything I can check or do that would help
> clue me in as to the
> condition of the transmission?
> Also, it had a top-end tick when I started it.
> Before this, the owner did
> mention that it had been sitting for months, so when
> I heard the noise I
> suspected a stuck lifter. I let the car idle and
> warm up, and after about 5
> min, the tick went away. Do you folks think my
> assessment was accurate? If
> so, is it still something to worry about?
> The last thing is that the oil pressure gauge stayed
> pinned all-the-way up
> every minute the car was running. Is this a sending
> unit issue, or
> indicative of something more sinister?
> Thanks in advance for any replies. I have another
> unrelated question. I also
> participate actively in a couple motorcycle-oriented
> lists, and in both
> cases there is a core group of enthusiasts who
> participate in a few various
> get-togethers over the course of the year. Is there
> anything like that going
> on here? there is a hard-core Audi enthusiast in me
> fighting to get out, and
> I'd love to be able to rub elbows w/ the AudiFans
> Elite. Thoughts?
> Thanks again!
> Dave Arkle
> DoD #11011
> 96 Daytona 1200
> 84 V65 Sabre
> 67 Buick LeSabre

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