What Pistons? Ur-Q?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 29 19:24:56 EST 2002

Hello all!  A friend and I picked up an Ur-Quattro block from a gentleman
locally for free...it had been sitting for a while, needed a rebuild, etc.
Anyway, the bottom end has definetly been apart as all the rods were marked
to delineate which went where, etc.  As I clean everything up, I began
wondering about the contents of said block.
The suspicion stems from the cut-outs on the piston for the oil squirter.
They appear to have been cut out by hand, as you can see tool marks and an
overall inconsistent finish. As I recall, a set of 5000 turbo pistons I had
a while back had this cut-out CNC'd out of the piston.  These were done by a
die-grinder or similar.
Here's some info on the pistons.
the wrist pin has very thin walls and is identical to those in a N/A 2.1L
the rings have the same placement and size as the 2.1L 10v (I have a set of
these pistons to compare to)
The dish appears slightly deeper than the 2.1L 10v but of a different shape.
Bore is 79.5
Here's some pics


2 stupid audis :)

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