Should we be using lighter weight oil?

james accordino ssgacc at
Sun Dec 29 19:51:18 EST 2002

I'm also running 15w50 Mobil 1 and we've had temps as
low as 0* F. so far.  At these low temps., my gauge
stays pegged for the first 10 minutes or so.  I KNOW
it runs over 100 psi.  If you are using an OEM oil
filter (Mann or Mahle) you won't have a problem.  I
still hold 40 psi. at as low as 1200 rpm when hot.  I
would MUCH rather have high oil pressure problems than
low oil pressure problems.  I NEVER heard of an engine
failing from too high of an oil pressure.  Blowing
apart a cheap oil filter-yes.

Jim Accordino

--- "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt at NWOnline.Net> wrote:
> I would go to the zero weight multigrade if my
> un-garaged car had to start
> in temps about 10-15 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit.
> Ohio has had such
> winters, but they are very unusual in the past few
> years. Recent winters
> have been unusually warm, seldom even as cold as
> zero.  So the 15W50 has
> been a good choice for me.
> I have found that around 5 degrees below zero, and
> lower, the oil has been
> a critical factor in cold starts for my vehicles,
> which include several
> diesels as well as the 5 cylinder Audis. I do have
> block heaters in the
> diesels, and at those extreme temps, block heaters
> have made the
> difference, along with low viscosity multigrade
> grade oil.  But our winters
> are very different recently.
> You might consider a block heater, in combination
> with the 15W50 Mobil, if
> you want to cover the extremes.
> Doyt
>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> At 09:39 AM 12/29/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have a '91 20V Coupe in the northeast with 20
> degree winters and 90 degree
> >summers. I noticed Audi and just about every
> manufacturer is moving towards
> >0W30, 5W30 type lighter weight oils. Should we be
> doing the same?
> >
> >I currently use Mobil 15W50 year-long, changed
> every May and November.
> >
> >What's your opinion on moving to lighter oils?
> >
> >Should I change oil to something lighter in the
> winters or all year long, such
> >as 10W30 or 5W30?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Chris
> >
> >
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