200q20v Salvage Car for Auction in TX

ScottyCBoy at aol.com ScottyCBoy at aol.com
Mon Dec 30 10:56:47 EST 2002

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sjensen at mindspring.com writes:

> Found the following car on an insurance salvage site:
> http://www2.iaai-bid.com/veh_detail.asp?auclist=1&itemid=1716240&
> auctionid=1
> 636224
> Shows it as freshwater flood total in Corpus Christi, TX, and they do take
> online bids.
> Posting this for the 200q20v folks who may need a parts car, even though
> the
> wiring harness and ECU are prolly trashed I know the cylinder heads are
> next
> to impossible to find.  Was interested myself (visions of a 3B powered
> 4kq)until I found out overbore pistons for the 3B are $800 plus, and I'm
> too
> lazy to go the custom piston route.
> -Steve Jensen
> 87 5kcstq

I know this car it was bought and serviced at a time when I worked at the
local Audi dealership. As I happen to live in corpus christi and work 1/2
mile from the auction site I'll have to go and see what it goes for.


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